African Rights is committed to the struggle for universal human rights and access to justice.

  • Working for Justice
  • Documenting human rights violations
  • Investigating genocide and conflict
  • Promoting dialogue and understanding

We give a voice to victims of abuse, insisting that their views and experiences require urgent and appropriate responses. We aim to stimulate positive action and debate—and we are not afraid of controversy.
African Rights intervenes in situations where its particular approach is needed, often because there is a gap in international awareness or understanding. Since our launch in 1992, we have covered crises and critical issues in Rwanda, Somalia and Somaliland, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Zimbabwe, amongst other countries.

Africans must find and implement solutions to their own problems, entering into partnerships with each other and outsiders. African Rights seeks to support this process through its research and publications programmes. We work in recognition of the dignity and resourcefulness shown by so many Africans in the midst of suffering.

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